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"I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf." (Teen Wolf Season 1)

Aren’t you a real prince charming?

K: What do you hear?
L: The key. The key to break the code.

Control is overrated.


teen wolf meme » six heartbreaking moments [6/6]: "Maybe I should just be no one again."

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O U A T  M E M E
[3/12] characters - Neal Cassidy

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"One of the things that we talked about was that we set up Kate in a way that the audience and Jack would never blame Kate for what happened. By that point, she really was a Jack Bauer clone. We established her and did enough with her over the season so you believed she had the Jack Bauer talent to do things and that he trusted her with it. The fact that he trusted her alone with Audrey’s life was pretty amazing. It was important to us that Jack did trust her and that the audience believed that if Jack went, it would have been the same outcome, unfortunately." - Jon Cassar

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